Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nerd Listography.

So I totally stim on lists. I make daily lists of tasks I need to do, weekly lists to build my daily ones off of, monthly "big picture" lists, "someday lists", throughout each pregnancy I made several dozen name lists, and on and on.... so while creeping other people's blogs the other day I found a woman who made a list challenge for her and 2 blogger friends. They made a LIST of 52 list topics and each Friday they all made a list from the same topic. It stems from a Listography Journal that you can buy. So, while I can't commit to being on here every Friday, I do want to do this, so for each quarter of the year (3 months...) I've made a LIST of 10 lists I want to blog. If any of my friends want to join in the fun...feel free to! (I'd love to read others lists) Stay tuned for my completed lists! LOL

So here's my list of lists for Jan, Feb, Mar.
Favorite Places
I'm Lucky Because
Times I've Had an Audience
Jobs I've Had
Jobs I'd Be Good At
Things I Don't Like
Travel Wishes
Things I Like to Wear
Things That Inspire Me
Things That Annoy Me

one little word (ok two...)

I enjoy the concept of the One Little Word. Check out Ali Edwards for more info on this idea. I like having a word of two to keep coming back to as the year goes on. A word/definition/idea/goal to try and shape my life and year around. This year's one little word(s) are FAITH and FRESH.

FAITH - Increase and strengthen my relationship with God. Attend church more. Go to the church that gives me what I need (spritual guidance). Read the Bible daily (weekly?) Learn how to pray. Be baptized with Dane. Believe. Find peace.

FRESH - A fresh start. A new chapter in my life. LIVING life without mom, not mourning the life I lost, or fearing/avoiding the new part. Keeping the house clean and fresh (free from clutter). Focus on more "me" timeto feel and look refeshed/pretty/and "with it". A year with more fresh air, fresh smiles and more peace(?)