Friday, June 18, 2010

Tragedy in Vemilion

A very sad thing happened the other day. Our good friend, Curtis's sister passed away. She was in her mid 30s and has 3 little kids (all under 5). What a long, curvy, bumpy, crazy road her husband will be on now. I can't imagine if I was gone one day. Dan would have no clue about anything to do with the kids or the house. Things like where the kid's bathing suits are, what kind of cereal the kids like for breakfast, size Rachie's diapers are, who gets the green sponge and who gets the purple one in the tub, where the spare lightbulbs are, what meat is in the bottom of the freezer... why the hell I needed so many books i never read, scrapbook supplies and fabric I've never used.. (hmmm, maybe I should cut back on buying/stockpiling and up the crafting/quilting/reading time) Let alone having to deal with a toddler who always asks for momma, or a baby who never knew momma... SO SAD.

A few years ago my friend's fiance was killed. Since then, I've half expected Dan to die. I guess the reality of such a terrible thing happening made it real and possible (not just something that happens to other people). It's a fear that is always in the back of my mind, often bringing me to tears on nights he forgets to call when away. How would I ever survive without him? When Dan's Grandpa passed away, his grandma was helpless - there was so many things that she'd never had to do. (pay a bill, adjust the thermostat, mow the grass) Dan has told me that he doesn't want me to be like that if he's ever not around, so we try to make decisions together and he encourages me to think for myself and do things on my own before relying on him to do it.

Maybe I need to start making him more independent with the kids stuff - just incase I'm ever not available. :(

Mrs. Tober's coming to EFC!.

I got exciting news the other day! I've been hired to be the preschool and pre-k teacher at the local Family Centre! Registrations have begun and I'm really looking forward to the job. I've been planning bulletin boards and lessons since I first applied for the job. My co-worker will be amazing to work with! Lisa is a very positive person who always has a smile and a kind word. I know that the kids will respond well to her. It's both of our first year as teachers in this capacity, so the whole year will be a learning year for both of us - I'm sure we'll make a few goofups along the way, but for the most part I'm really excited to help shape all the little minds. I really do love kids and I've always wanted to teach. Also anticipating lots of positive mentoring for a fabulous kindergarden teacher, and opportunities to attend workshops! (..nerd..)
I've been on the family centre's board for a few years, as a parent, I'm happy to be involved with them on a new level now. It's an amazing resource for the community and I'm so happy to be contibuting to it!
On a side note, T will be starting preschool with me! (..maybe we'll get matching backpacks..)

Pennie's Got A Ring!!

My good friend Pennie called me the other day to tell me that SOMEDAY finally happend! She got engaged!! I am thrilled for her! She had some crappy stuff happen to her along the road of life - things that no one should have to go through - but she's fallen in love again and is having a seemingly stellar life in Swift. She asked me to be one of the girls-in-the-pretty-dresses up at the front with her. I'm very excited to help her plan this wedding. She'll be a geourgous bride! She's coming to visit us tomorrow and I can't wait to see the RING!!! (which her fiance kept hidden from her for 5 months...chicken)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Holy Baby Fever Batman!

Seems like EVERYONE is either pregant or has a baby. After news of 3 new baby girls in Alberta (Abby, Emily, and Jessica) and some snuggles with 2 of Oxbow's newest handsome men (Ethan and Hayden) Baby Fever has struck the Tober house. I don't feel like we're done with 2 little redheads. In my mind we have 2 more (FOUR...seriously? am I nuts) Not that I don't completely love T and RET, and I do feel spread pretty thin mentally most days, but I have SO much more love in me!

We'll see if these fever stays for the next few weeks...or if it's fleeting. We got preggo first try with T and RET was a surprise, so I guess that counts as a 1st try! So if I'm going to stop with the no-baby-pill, I need to be totally ready!
I've been looking at the calendar and thinking that if I don't get preggo this month or next, then we'll be done with these 2.
I just got a new job (see future post) so I don't want to have to leave part way through my 1st year. BUT I could be pregnant for the whole school year and have the baby may/jun and still be good for summer farm jobs (aka living in the tractor - baling, and calving out 100 cows) and return to my job in the fall. And besides, i really feel that any more than 3 years between kids is too much - especailly when the 1st 2 are so close in age...
So watch for future posts to see if the Tober family is growing...

I have been very intriged by the idea of adoption. I have always thought that adopting would be cool, and ever since the Haiti Earthquake I've really been thinking about many kids lost their parents in that disaster. What if that happened here? I can't bear to think of MY kids in that situation. I know that adoptin from Haiti right now would be a gong show - with all the restructuring needed there, but I'll certainly be researching often to see when things get opened up. Adopting locally (Canada) is interesting and we would surely be seen as a possible home, given my disability background and the fact that so many adoptees have various degrees of disabilities. But I'm such a planner and adopting is so out of my hands, that I don't know if I could do it! (ControlFreakMuch??) Maybe further down my life's path this will be an option and we'll adopt a bit older child (near the same age as T & RET) So if I continue to blog watch for adoption info updates!