Saturday, July 7, 2012

June Round Up

Alrighty, let’s try this… I feel like I should have been taking notes throughout the month, maybe for July. But I’ll look at the calendar and my camera and try to remember everything that happened. This month flew by! As Bud would say it went by “faster than a cucumber in an ice cube” lol He’s big on synonyms, but his almost 5 yr old brain doesn’t quite get it…

Read: - the Oxbow Herald (local weekly newspaper)
- other mail; flyers, bills, Western Producer
- bedtime stories to Bud, Toodles and Tuff (nn in prgress...)
- my lists and calendar to keep me on track
- browsed magazines; western horseman, self, running, Canadian running, women’s running, today’s parent, chatelaine, Canadian living, Canadian geographic,
- my favorite blogs (see future post re: blogs I follow)

Learned: - Horsemanship techniques. We hosted John and Jamie Tilley from Tilley’s Custom Colts for a 2 day horsemanship clinic @ our arena. It was an awesome weekend and I learned SOOOO much!
- Re-learned my way around Edmonton. It’s been 10 years since I 1st lived there and 2 yrs since the last time I’ve been there. It was the first city I ever learned to drive in. It took a bit but after a week of being there it felt like I’d never left!
-A bunch about Kindergarten – Had Bud’s Orientation Day this month. Gulp!

Entertainment and Fun with Family & Friends are combined this month: The kids and I headed out on a trip of near epic proportions: It started on a Thrusday. I packed the truck and 2 of the 3 kids and headed west. (Bud stayed behind with his dad.) We made it as far as Auntie Pennie’s place. It was a great place to stretch our legs, scare some cats and give The Voice some quality baby-fever time. The next morning we were up bright and early. We headed north to K’s place. Toodles, Tuff and I were on the “Relay for Life” team Cancer Sucks! with her. It’s a 12 hour walk in support of cancer research. We walked in memory of all the people who cancer has taken away or who are fighting against the beast. Cancer has touched my family over the past 10 years, most deeply in the past 2. I walked in memory of my Grandma Murph (liver cancer, 2000), DT’s Grandpa (lung cancer, 2007), my mommy (brain cancer, 2011), my friend megs (lung cancer, 2012) and in celebration of survivors like DT’s mom (thyroid cancer, 2006) and a one-nut wonder of a cowboy (testicular cancer, 2007). After this marathon of walking and emotions we slept for a few hours and then headed to a rodeo near by to meet up with DT and Bud. The next day myself and all 3 of my monkeys, along with Auntie K and Chunk headed towards the mountains and the big city of Calgary. We did the zoo (penguins were Sooo cool!), went swimming in the hotel pool (first time swimming for both Chunk and Tuff) and some shopping. After 2 fun days in the city I used to call home we said bu-bye to K and Chunk and headed north to E-Town and the Tober family. Fun in Ed included: The Sea Lion show @ WEM with Papa, 2 different times at Galaxyland @ WEM with papa, grandma G and auntie A, Lunch with Levangs @ Derrick Club, Jurassic Forest with grandma G and great grandma D, Schmidt-Knudsen Farm Visit, 90th b-day bash for great grandma D, backyard BBQ with some of the Greater Edmonton Area Tober fam. Other entertainment this month (non trip related) included swimming at town pool with Moir friends and Farm Auction Sale with lots of fun finds!

Gfts received - maybe. can't remember, sounds ungreatful, but really my brain is a mushed banana....

Gifts Given: a baby gift for newborn Baby Katie – got her 2 of our favorite board books (barnyard dance and on the night you were born) and a super cute peacock car seat/stroller toy.

Since we spent more time in the city than I do in 3 months there was of course some ‘special’ purchases. For myself I got new running shoes, running clothes, and a LiveStrong watch/bracelet thingy for tracking my runs (distance, pace, etc), a few books from Chapters and more Starbucks than I’ve drank all year!!! (may be in withdrawal now) The big kids got super cool new lawn chairs – Camo, from the new Cabella’s store, some new books from chapters, Bud got a new cowboy hat, Toodles got a “buckin’ horse cap” (pink, sparkly AND has a bronc on it!) Can’t think of anything new and special that Tuff got.

Thankfully, no one was sick or injured this month.

My brain must be shutting down ‘cause I also can’t think of any accomplishments/disappointments or anything else noteworthy.

All in all not a bad 1st Round Up! Yee-Haw!! I will take notes for July (maybe…)

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