Tuesday, July 10, 2012

where would i live if i didn't live here???

Recently, a friend was joking (I hope!) about moving to Drum-Hellcat, Alberta. This got me thinking about where I would move to. I have no plans to leave my current farm, hometown or the great green province I love, but just for fun, for the sake of letting my imagination wander on a hot day, I’ve made a list of places I would live.

Abroad: Denmark. My Grandpa’s home land and a place I feel a great connection to. Any town there would work for me. Plus living there would force me to learn the language, something I’ve always wanted to do (see future post on bucket list…)

The UK. A man with an Irish accent can knock me to my knees. I’m fascinated my Scotland (I think it’s the ginger in my hair…) and I’ve been to England several times and am in love with the quaint countryside and fairy tale castles.

Domestically: Alberta. Specifically the foothills, somewhere south of Calgary, where I could see the mountains everyday. I love the mountains.

Town Envy: there’s a few small towns/cities I’ve been to that made me think “hey, I could live here!” Camrose, AB; Lacombe, AB; Moosomin, SK; Mount Forest, ON; Guelph, ON; Souris, MB;

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